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Hoarding Cleanup in Jefferson City

2/1/2023 (Permalink)

Hoarding cleanup in Jefferson City. SERVPRO of Jefferson City is here for hoarding cleanup solutions.

When faced with a hoarding cleanup in Jefferson City, effective communication with the hoarder is crucial for progress. Saying or doing the wrong thing may shut down communication and halt progress. Hoarding is a serious issue, and it should be handled with care and patience. It's important to understand the condition before addressing it to help with communication and the cleanup process.

The following "Do's and Don'ts" guide can serve as a general reference, but if you need further guidance, don't hesitate to reach out for more specific advice.


1. Connect with the hoarder: Empathize with the hoarder and let them know you'll be there for them throughout the entire cleanup process.

2. Seek professional help: Therapists who specialize in hoarding can provide more specific guidance.

3. Continuously communicate with the hoarder: Follow up on the situation to keep the hoarder motivated.

4. Discuss safety first: Reorganizing can create a safer living environment, so bring this up before discussing the removal of items.

5. Acknowledge the importance of items: Items have an emotional connection to hoarders, so approach them as important.

6.Keep the situation confidential: Promise not to discuss anything related to the hoarder's situation without their permission.

7. Ask questions respectfully: Understand the hoarder's reasons for keeping items, as they may have had a traumatic experience.

8. Promote donation: Let the hoarder know that their items will be put to better use by someone who needs them.

9. Be patient: The process should be taken one step at a time.

10. Hire a professional cleaning service: This can help the relationship with the hoarder and ensure items of value are preserved.


1. Don't judge the hoarder or make assumptions about their situation.

2. Don't discard any items without the owner's permission.

3. Don't force the hoarder to get rid of items they are attached to.

4. Don't ignore any health or safety hazards, such as mold, pests, or fire hazards. Call professionals immediately. 

5. Don't ignore any legal requirements, such as obtaining proper permits or disposing of hazardous materials.

6. Don't pressure the hoarder to clean up all at once, as this can be overwhelming and lead to a relapse.

7. Don't try to clean it all by yourself, especially if the clutter is overwhelming.

If you are in need of a hoarding cleanup, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Jefferson City. We make fire and water cleanup and restoration, "Like it never even happened." (573) 635-5883