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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

All 10's for this crew - Drew, Jim DJ, Harley, Jeanne, Shelby & Ayrika.  Very satisfied with their work.  Good bunch of folks.  

The SERVPRO crew of Drew, Tabby, DJ and Rich was very personable and hard working.  They were on-site within  hours of phone call from the insurance agent - Impressive!  Confidence in their knowledge and professionalism - Great job!  Very Impressed with their on-site personnel who performed services for us.

Tabby, Drew, Jeanne, DJ, Ayrika, Shelby and Harley...  all courteous, polite and helpful on this job.  All 10's.  Lots of confidence in their knowledge and professionalism.  

Tabetha Farris! This gal did a fantastic and extremely professional job explaining the details of the restoration process to my clients. Her professionalism put my clients at ease during an incredibly stressful time. The home they were purchasing was vacant and within 3 days of closing a sizable water leak in the basement was discovered. She worked tirelessly communicating between both buyers, sellers and their agents with status updates. In the end, I believe it was Tabetha who kept the continued sale of the property together. Tabetha strengthened my opinion of SERVPRO and saved the sale of this home. She and SERVPRO are now primary contacts in my phone, and I have been bragging about her and the service she provided to my realtor colleagues ever since. Thank you!!

SERVPRO knows about carpet cleaning.  All 10's!

This crew was wonderful.  We were so impressed two people came out at 9 pm on a Sunday night after the water line broke.  We have had the best experience and would highly recommend them.  Rating 10 out of 10.

Giving this crew all 10's!  We were very satisfied with all the service work they did after our water heater leak.

Your crew did a great job cleaning our bathroom exhaust fans at our Adams Street Senior Living Center. They were very nice to our residents as well.  Thank You!  Good Workers.  All 10's!!  We have scheduled additional cleaning in different wings at later dates.